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Commodity Watchers is an emerging global commodity match making company. We help you to find suppliers and buyers for your commodity world wide. We have a good track record of successfully negotiating deals for our clients. We have network of commercial contacts internationally. And we have working connections with few Governments and big suppliers from around the world. The company's main partners are experienced businessmen coming from the industrial and finance sectors.


Commodities were things of value, of uniform quality, that were produced in large quantities by many different producers; the items from each different producer were considered equivalent. On a commodity exchange, it is the underlying standard stated in the contract that defines the commodity, not any quality inherent in a specific producer's product.


Markets for trading commodities can be very efficient, particularly if the division into pools matches demand segments. These markets will quickly respond to changes in supply and demand to find an equilibrium price and quantity. The inventory of commodities plays a role in the pricing, with low inventories typically leading to more volatile future prices and increasing the risk of a "stock-out"  

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